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Savage Beats

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Savage Beats Empty Savage Beats

Post  Donman Fong on Sat May 12, 2012 4:10 pm


Just a friendly reminder.

What is the difference between turn 6 - 55 damage and turn 7 - 135 damage?

Answer: Turn 6 wins the game. Turn 7 can meet with a miracle Terminus. Don't get greedy.

I brought this up because of the following board position:
Casey's turn 4 - Cast unburial rites from hand for Elash Norn from Graveyard
Casey's turn 5 - Cast Lingering Souls and flashes it back. Elesh Norn gets tapped down before she can attack.
Casey's turn 6 - Swings for 16 damage with the team. He has open mana with unburial rites and Craterhoof Behemoth in the graveyard. He could cast unburial rites to get the Behemoth and swing for 55 damage for the win. Instead he cast Lingering souls and flashes back lingering souls.
Casey's turn 7 - Cast unburial rites to get the Behemoth and swing with the team for 135 damage. P.S. I scooped before he could do this no matter what Casey says. I was on the play and when I drew a land on turn 7 that couldn't affect the board state I scooped.

Jared pulled this off on me. I had lethal on board and was ready to swing for the win.
This is what happened:
On my turn I declare attack phase.
Jared's response - He plays Thinks Twice into a miracle Terminus and sweeps my board to the bottom of my deck.

Hmmm...thinking about it now...I just realized Terminus is a Sorcery. Can it be cast as an instant with miracle?
I was going to call Kelly but Seth was sitting beside me.
Seth said since this is the first card Jared has drawn during my turn miracle Terminus will work.
I think everyone forgot that Terminus is a Sorcery. We have to look further into this to see if it can be cast.


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Donman Fong

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Savage Beats Empty Re: Savage Beats

Post  CardboardWitch on Sat May 12, 2012 4:20 pm

It can.

Miracle is a special alternate casting rule; basically you can "Miracle" the card whenever you meet the "Miracle" conditions (ie can pay the mana, have revealed the Miracle and it's your first card you've drawn on ANY turn).


It's your turn; you attack with 3 million men, I Think Twice before Damage, draw Terminus, Reveal it and tap W. Your guys go to the bottom of the library RIGHT there in the middle of the attack phase and I take zero damage.

Alternately if I pay full price for a Terminus and cast it as normal (WW4) it's a Sorcery and I can only use it when I could normally use a Sorcery (my main phase).

This is a huge part of why Miracles are so powerful; if Terminus could only be used as a Sorcery it wouldn't even BE a "Miracle" card. Remember, you draw a card during your draw phase and if you want to pay the Miracle cost you have to reveal it and do it right there. You can't case Sorceries during your draw phase normally can you?

This is also something I keep having to remind people about Entreat the Angels; the fact is the turn you draw it you'll be casting it on your Draw Phase; which is before the part of the turn where you play land. This means if it's turn 6 and you've played a land every turn you're only going to get 3 Angels because you'll only have 5 mana in play; people have been doing some very spurious math against me based on this "math-fail"


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Savage Beats Empty Re: Savage Beats

Post  Maelak on Sun May 13, 2012 1:27 am

The only reason I went all in and did that is because I knew for a fact that you had no wraths in your deck. I knew I could win right at that exact moment but I wanted to do something silly and see how much damage I would be able to push through in a single turn. Don't worry, most of the night I usually only played one half of a lingering souls if I had the option, wait for the inevitable board wipe, flashback a few of them and reanimate almost anything and swing for lethal.

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Savage Beats Empty Re: Savage Beats

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