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Post  CardboardWitch on Mon May 07, 2012 3:32 am

Okay so just so as in nobody gets shocked I wanted to mention that I've given or will be giving access to the forum to a number of friendly players we know locally. Most of them don't play at our FNM, they're smart people and they've been warned that the forum is private and shouldn't be shared with friends.

Tonight I added Corey Vangel; who's a friend of mine and a long time patron of the downtown store. He knows Legacy extremely well and has been one of my go to guys for last minute borrowing of eternal format cards. He's good at blue decks and he's mostly interested in reading/commenting on the deck lists. Trust me, he's as much one of us as anyone who isn't already a Dickwolf can be.

I've also invited Kelly and Seth to join but as of this moment nobody has.

Anyone else wanna suggest people we should include? Remember this forum was never intended to be a secret clubhouse; we just use a gate to keep cheaters and bad people out of the "fun zone".


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