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My PTQ Report.

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My PTQ Report. Empty My PTQ Report.

Post  CardboardWitch on Sat Mar 02, 2013 6:13 pm

So, writing this pretty much entirely because I don't want to type it 20 times:

Round 1 - Some old guy playing Eggs who mad cheats. W2-0. Highlights including him asking me 3 times if he played a land yet ON THE SAME TURN (he had, even the first time), me watching him SPREAD HIS 2nd Sunrises out inside the deck while fishing something with Reshape (MID COMBO MIGHT I ADD) and telling me "but I was gonna shuffle afterwards" and finally him trying to put a Lotus Bloom back into the MIDDLE OF HIS DECK with a conjuror's bauble. Was hot shit.

Round 2 - Make a misplay, put my Jund opponent on 1 life and lose on topdecks because I can't find a Bolt or Snappy. My fault tho, I misplayed. Game 2 I spit the bit; it's Haley, he's good and I know I don't want to mulligan to 6 on the play down 0-1... so I don't, keep Snap, Snap, Goyf, Goyf, Fetch, Fetch, Island and get absolutely hammered. 1-1, loss is on me.

Round 3 - Play vs a guy who's going out of his way to be nice/friendly with me. Game 1 he locks out the board with Boros Charm on an Isocrhon Scepter and 4 Souls Tokens. My deck outclasses his badly so I force him to play completely defensively with his Scepter while I wait for my Thundermaw. Eventually I crack it away the turn before I was going to draw it and lose. I SB against Scepter and crush him. Game 3 he slows RIGHT the fuck down, I don't say anything because A) I'm going to win anyways B) I manage a gamestore and he's a potential customer and C) I am not 100% sure he's cheating and he was pretty friendly before. At one point he fetches an Island, has it in play, then says "no, wait", I say "okay w/e switch it" then he proceedes to SLOWLY search his deck till he finds... Island after all. Also buddy is using Foil Masques Basics (they're the thickest foils ever made, ask anyone over 25 about Foil Masques Basics)....

Anyways, when turns end his board is : Roughly 11 land. My Board is Baneslayer, Colonnade, 5 lands (including a tapped Colonnade), a Kira Great Glass Walker and a Venser that's flashing into play at end. He has turn 5 and is at 4 life with NO relevant cards in hand. Guy actually says "I hate draws"...... no, really.

Round 4 - Very angry over round 3 still, consider dropping. Decide to tough it out because 1-1-1 isn't out and my deck is REALLY FUCKING SWEET/GOOD. Check my SB, count 15 cards. Draw up my opening hand....... fine, his is fine, he plays Island and says go. I draw an.......Ancient Grudge. This is a SB card. I call the judge, knowing full well that since I've drawn a card already this is a game loss. It is. I scoop, drop and take a cab home.

Do not super want to discuss this.


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