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The Deck I Drafted For the Boyfriend

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The Deck I Drafted For the Boyfriend Empty The Deck I Drafted For the Boyfriend

Post  CardboardWitch on Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:00 pm

So, was feeling pretty tired/very busy, decided to draft and then pass the deck off to the BF so he could play (not sanctioned so who cares right):

2x Skinbrand Goblin
1x Firefist Infantry
2x Daring Skyjek
4x Wojek Halberdiers
1x Truefire Paladin
2x Court Street Denizen
2x Warmind Infantry
1x Skyknight Legionaire
1x Viashino Shanktail
1x Towering Thunderfist
1x Wrecking Ogre
2x Zhur-Taa Swine
1x Aurelia, the War Leader

1x Arrows of Justice
1x Angelic Edict

1x Sacred Foundry
2x Boros Guildgate
1x Gruul Guildgate
2x Forest
6x Plains
5x Mountains

- He'd better 3-0. Smile


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