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UWR tradebinder fish in guelph

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UWR tradebinder fish in guelph Empty UWR tradebinder fish in guelph

Post  Mike Pickfield on Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:14 pm

The official thread.

2 giest of saint traft
4 delver of goodness
4 snapcaster mage
1 grim lavamancer
1 zealous conscripts

3 gitaxian probe
2 thought scour
4 ponder
4 manaleak
3 vapor snag
1 incinerate
1 pillar of flame
1 shock
1 faithless looting
1 arctrail
1 bonfire of the damned
1 dismember

2 runechanters pike

4 sulfur falls
4 glacial fortress
3 evolving wilds
1 mountain
1 plains
9 island
1 moorland haunt
1 loothouse
1 combust
1 mental misstep
1 divine offering
3 phantasmal image
1 phyrexian metamorph
1 dismember
1 runechanters pike
3 invisible stalker
3 timely reinforcements

Week one:
A week and a half ago it went to the FNM. The only LGS in the area isn't big enough to host FNM on account of the 8 guys who come in to play warhammer 40k on fridays. So it's hosted by a restaurant in the smal mini-mall. There's like some sweet deals on fries and stuff there, which is cool, it also seems completely okay to have a pint or 3 during the fnm. lol.

So I go in, reluctantly on account of everybody else cancelling plans with me (douche bags). Regardless the meta looked something like this:

2-3 ramp decks
2 random control decks (one of which was turbo fog)
1 frites
1 delver (pre angel i think)
1 mono-green (like fightclub the block deck but with swords and dorks)
I understand there are some monoblack/zombies decks that have a history there. Might want 2 purges instead of the stalker plan.
So I expct to be able to 3-1, loosing a match to the fact that my deck is a steaming pile. How u guys like my sideboard? might SB sword of body and mind to fight the monogreen deck (seemed like one of the better players in the room) I think it's hot. Obviously.

edit: playing unsleeved and bring my deck in a rubber band.
Mike Pickfield
Mike Pickfield

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