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Kitchener PTQ on the 23rd

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Kitchener PTQ on the 23rd Empty Kitchener PTQ on the 23rd

Post  CardboardWitch on Sat Jun 09, 2012 2:52 pm

Okay, so apparently there is a non-zero percent chance I can actually make this event. The dietary thing is going pretty well actually and the swelling/fluids are not a major issue anymore. Naturally I still have tiny fractures in my feet but staying off them seems to be helping; I can't predict anything of course but if things keep going at this rate I'll be able to attend physically.

The issue at that point becomes access; no way is Leon going to let me take a bus/train to Kitchener. I would need a ride and from what I understand Don is unavailable that weekend. Not expecting people to move heaven and earth to get me there but does anyone know how I might procure a ride for this event if I'm healthy/pain-free enough to go?

Wouldn't mind winning a PTQ; honest Smile


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