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My Intent to Sue St Michaels Hospital...

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My Intent to Sue St Michaels Hospital... Empty My Intent to Sue St Michaels Hospital...

Post  CardboardWitch on Wed Jun 06, 2012 11:50 am

So, today I had a bone scan (or rather I'm halfway through a bone scan have to go back at 1:30); this involves shooting up my bloodstream with radioactive material and then using it to get a good image of my blood flow and bones. Naturally when I read about this I was very excited; as a manager of a comic book store I know that wherever you have radioactive material you have the opportunity to be bitten by a spider and then become a superhero.

Knowing this I secreted SEVERAL live spiders on my person for this exam; frequently shaking them around beforehand to assure they were angry enough to bite me. Unfortunately we're now 1:15 hours past the first part of the exam and so far no superpowers!

If things don't improve soon I'll be looking for a lawyer but until then I'd like you guys to help me watch out for any late-developing "abilities" I might have gained from the combination of radiation and spiders; it will probably involve jumping really high and precognition but based on comic-book evidence virtually ANYTHING can happen (I hope I don't end up green with a swelled brain popping out of my skull but these are the risks you take in the name of science sometimes).

Until then I shall be in my office attempting to climb the window using only the secretions from my palms/feet.

peace out,



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