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New Team Dickwolf Official Mascot

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New Team Dickwolf Official Mascot Empty New Team Dickwolf Official Mascot

Post  CardboardWitch on Mon May 28, 2012 7:36 pm

So, as much as I like the Penny Arcade dickwolf I think it fails to capture the true spirit of our team. We need a mascot that says; we just don't give a fuck! A mascot that says "oh yeah? So I just Terminused 12 of my own tokens away? Whatever bitch, I got this!" A mascot that tells people "I'm a Dickwolf yo; I'm crazy, don't fuck with me, I might cast Earthquake for 20 and make this game a draw beyotch, you just do not know do you?!"

Gentlemen, I present to you Oakland Raiders middle-linebacker Rolando McClain, roughly 30 seconds after he was arrested for assault and attempted murder:

New Team Dickwolf Official Mascot Arrest10

The realest dickwolf. Sorry Mike.


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