The Cardboard Witch Writing About Standard

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The Cardboard Witch Writing About Standard

Post  CardboardWitch on Wed Nov 14, 2012 5:22 pm

So, apparently I'm back to writing again. I've recently started a "series" of articles on Standard on the blog. When it first started I was just gonna write about that one Bant deck but testing, tweaking and a fair amount of threats/outright demands for more content made me write another one and now a 3rd. Dunno when it's gonna stop; probably when I run out of decks to illustrate the concepts I'm writing about. For those that missed them here are the links sorted by release date:

Get Off My Lawn - Deconstructing Bant Midrange to build a better mousetrap.

Banging Your Head on Some Mad Bugger's Wall - The death of aggro in Standard and a Junk Midrange deck w/ Rites

In the Land of the Blind, the One-eyed Man is King - Metagaming in Standard w/ UWR Midrange and Jund Control deck lists

I'll update this post as more articles in the series come out; as always thanks for reading folks.



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